Monday, April 5, 2010

Rae and Adam's Wedding Reception Menu


Bleu Cheese with Blueberry Sorghum and Toasted Walnuts

Kenny’s Farmhouse KY Bleu, Bourbon Barrel Foods Sorghum

KY Beer Cheese with Pretzel Sticks, Celery and Carrot Sticks

Kenny’s Aged White Cheddar, BBC Nut Brown Ale

Zucchini Relish with Crackers

Made and Preserved by Rae and Adam, Nick and Vickie

Pesto with Green Beans, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Baguette Bread

Rae’s Basil Pesto, Blue Dog Bakery Bread


Spring Salad with Edible Flowers

with Maple Vinaigrette or Buttermilk Herb Dressing

Finger Pickin Farms Salad Mix, Sugarbush Maple Syrup, JD Country Buttermilk

Barr Farms Marinated and Grilled Strip Steaks

Bourbon Barrel Soy Sauce and Worcestershire

Pasta with Barr Farms Chicken, Goat Cheese, Sun-dried Tomatoes,

Artichokes, Local Spinach

Capriole Goat Cheese, Finger Pickin’ Farms Spinach

Black Eyed Peas with Local Kale and Organic Brown Rice

Field Day Family Farms Red Russian Kale

Garlic Cheese Grits

Weisenberger Mill Grits, Kenny’s Farmhouse Gouda and Aged Cheddar

Roasted Local Sweet Potatoes

Rocky Top Farms Sweet Potatoes

Corn Bread Muffins and Yeast Rolls

Weisenberger Mill Cornmeal

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MENU-Dinner with Joel Salatin

Friday, March 12, 2010

sweet potato latkes, ginger apple compote, buttermilk creme fraiche
Rocky Top Farm sweet potatoes, JD Country Buttermilk
(Sherry Hurley, Farm to Fork Catering)

winter vegetarian egg roll
Field Day Family Farm collards, Horseshoe Bend shiitakes, Joe O’Daniel’s napa cabbage, Bluegrass soy sauce, Rattlesnake Hill Farms garlic mustard
(Katie Payne, Sullivan University)

bluegrass burgers
Foxhollow Grass Fed beef, Kenny’s KY bleu cheese, mustard aioli,
homemade buns, Grateful Greens
(Jay Denham, Local Chef)

shrimp cakes with sweet chili sauce
Buck Acres KY Freshwater Prawns
(Mark Williams, Slow Food Bluegrass)

roasted bourbon red turkey with henry bains sauce
Star Farms Heritage Turkeys
(Mark Williams, Slow Food Bluegrass)

bibb, watercress, and mint salad with sherry vinaigrette
George Gagel’s KY Limestone Bibb lettuce
(Sherry Hurley, Farm to Fork Catering)

slow braised beef short ribs
Foxhollow Grass Fed beef, Grateful Greens pea shoots
(Sherry Hurley, Farm to Fork Catering)

Vegetarian Entree-tower of hope with asparagus salad
roasted eggplant, oven dried tomato, Capriole goat cheese, basil oil
(Timothy Tuckery, Center of Hope)

ky gouda grits with shiitake mushroom ragout
Weisenberger Mill Stoneground grits, Kenny’s Farmhouse gouda,
Horseshoe Bend shiitake mushrooms
(Sherry Hurley, Farm to Fork Catering)

garlicky greens with turnips and apple cider vinegar
Field Day Family Farm collards, Brubaker’s purple top turnips,
Blue Moon garlic, Bramble Ridge apple cider vinegar
(Bob Perry, University of KY Sustainable Agriculture)

lemon buttermilk chess pie
Weisenberger Mill flour, JD Country butter and buttermilk,
Ridge Acres Farm eggs, Coal Country Bee Works and Hosey honey
(Jim Whaley, Local Chef)

Roibee Red Teas
Heine Brothers Coffee
BBC Beer
Bonterra Organic Wine